Our all natural, pasture-raised beef cows receive no steroids, hormones or antibiotics. Our beef is processed, dry aged for 2 weeks, then cut, flash frozen and packaged.

All our cows are Hereford red angus cross beef cows. Beef cows are a stocky build and are raised for beef rather than milk. Hereford cows tend to  have a little more marbling then other beef cows, which makes the meat more tender and flavorful.

We are a humane farm that raises our beef cows with plenty of green pasture to graze on, the way nature intended. The cows are 2 years old when they are processed at Adams Farm. From start to finish there is a USDA inspector to oversee the processing. Adams Farm is third generation, state-of-the-art, USDA certified processing facility. The beef cow is processed, dry aged for 2 weeks, then cut, flash frozen and packaged.

Flash Freezing is a process in which the meat is very quickly frozen at extremely cold temperatures to keep the meat as fresh as possible.

Winsky Farm is not a butcher shop—our beef & pork is packaged and flash frozen. We use your poundage requests as guidelines and do our best to fill your order. That means the total cost at checkout is an approximation and we’ll provide you with an actual cost when your order is finalized.

If you have questions, please contact us at (508) 987-0255 and we’ll talk through the details of your order. Feel free to add notes to provide more information when you checkout.